Karolyne Roberts

Karolyne Roberts is The Founder of The Writers Retreat and Best-Selling Author of 5 books. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Kal and their two children. Karolyne takes pride in being a stay at home mom and believes that her home is her first ministry. She is thankful that God has allowed her to travel the world with her husband doing what she loves, hosting writers retreats and coaching those who are seeking to birth their God-given writing projects. Above all else, she is a follower of Christ and influencer for her generation, dedicated to sharing the Gospel through creative media.


Kal Roberts

Kal Roberts is the husband to Karolyne Roberts and father to Blake and Evelyn. Though born and raised in Queens, New York, he currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where he actively pursues his career in acting and film.  His drive and go-getter attitude was harnessed throughout his 15 years of experience as a track and field athlete, from which he received hundreds of trophies. Kal earned his degree in Graphic Design where he learned the fundamentals of deconstructing information to create visual interest. He has helped many start-up businesses get off the ground by providing marketing advice and consulting services, leading them in the direction of finding a sleek and modern design for their brand. He is a relentless an passionate pursuer of his dreams and inspires others to do the same.


Ashley Joy

Ashley Joy is a Life & Leadership Strategist, World Traveler, International Speaker, and Self-Published Author whose unwavering courage, passion, and creativity have earned her the reputation as a dedicated leader in her community. As a passion pusher and millennial mentor, she is on a lifelong mission to empower, uplift, and inspire women to reach new heights within their personal and professional lives. Ultimately, she feels called to awaken others to their boundless potential and unique purpose, that when combined, have the power to create ripple effects of positive change.


Terrenique Bastian

Terrenique is the Founder of IPromise Media, a publishing company that is dedicated  to helping  authors make their mark in the world. She also partners with Karolyne Roberts, C.E.O and Founder of The Writers Retreat, hosting retreats all over the globe.  Terrenique is the author of the book entitled Dare Beauty and two eBooks: 3 Steps to Chasing Your Dreams Without Fear and 7 Must Haves for Fab Writing.  Her passion involves encouraging others to pursue their God-given dreams and use their gifts and talents to change the world.


Jasmine Morris

Jasmine is the author at nosweetername.com, a worship leader in Atlanta, Georgia, and a firm believer in Christ’s redemption power. She also just penned a new book entitled, Returning Home: Inviting Daughters Back to the Father. Although she has seen much adversity, through Christ, Jasmine has overcome. Now, she passionately pursues those who are hurting and broken and desires to breathe life back into them by the power of the Holy Spirit. Jasmine loves to travel, try new foods, worship, and explore new coffee shops.


Angel Jackson

Angel Jackson is a passionate content creator who embodies a bold voice of hope and healing for this generation. The author of Blessed Beyond The Bruises, has used her gift of creative writing and transparency to provoke others to live an authentic life that honors Christ. Angel is the rib to her husband, Joshua, and the mother of their two children, Joel and Noah. She enjoys being a homemaker, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through her everyday life.

Tia 1

Tia Patterson

I am Tia. I am bee-Utifully made with my own likes, dislikes, personality & creative spirit. I nurture that spirit by doing what I love; and so, I created BeeutifullyMade & ABeeutifulLife2 YouTube channels that serve as unique platform that allows me to fulfill my passion & purpose in life! But how, you wonder? Well…

have fear of bees. Like, severely! But I refuse to allow fear to distract me from my honey, my sweet blessings in life. So…

I left my full-time job as an attorney in Corporate America…

to follow my heart and pursue my passion…

as a full-time content creator on YouTube…

using my God-given talent & creativity…

to reach, inspire, encourage, & love on many people across the world!

This is my freedom. Faith brought me here and it propels me forward on my path. I am an entrepreneur. I am a wife. I am a mother of a beautiful son & daughter. I am HIS daughter.

I am BeeutifullyMade.


David Daudin

My name is David Daudin and I am a passionate storyteller. The power behind strong and meaningful visuals is what ultimately drove me to become a cinematographer and photographer. I reside in Orlando, Florida, where I received my Masters Degree in Film after attending Full Sail University. Shortly after, I decided to launch my first production studio, MYTO, located in the Fashion Square Mall.

I was born in France and spent the first eight years of my life there. The beautiful scenery and architecture still sticks with me today. From France, I moved to Haiti and spent a few years on this beautiful island. Then after Haiti, I moved to Miami and then to Oklahoma…two completely different extremes, I know! I feel very fortunate to have spent so much time in different places around the world. My experiences are what have sparked my creativity and eye for different stories and backgrounds today.


Caneeka Elleanor Miller

Caneeka Elleanor Miller is the author of a poetry collection, Smeared Eyeliner and Faded Lipstick, a devotional, On The Heels of My Father: Removing the Weight While Walking Into Your Purpose and WOVEN: Womanhood and Unveiling God’s Beauty.

A witness to domestic violence as a young girl, while trying to make sense of her identity with an absent father, Caneeka discovered God’s beauty at the corner of the enemy’s attempt to break and silence her. Finding her voice in writing at a young age has allowed her to share her story at universities, student organizations,  women’s ministries, and more. A busy mother of two boys, Scott III and Cole, an excited God-mother to a princess, Tatyana Marisol, and a dedicated wife to Scott II of 10 years, Caneeka finds joy in knowing that God’s destiny for her life wasn’t hindered by words spoken in her youth and that His promises are Yes and Amen.